Ziggy Sixx Rattery


we'll be doing some major updating to the site! stay tuned, we also have some babies available, fill out our form if interested!

last updated 4/4/20012

Happy World Rat Day!


         We bring the rat together as a whole, health and temperament are my top priorities. We want to bring you the happiest, healthiest rat that I possibly can!I specialize in all blues.(American, Russian). We also secondary specialize in Cinnamon. Facial markings, dumbo and standard ears and standard and rex coat.

We will have about 3-6 litters a year depending on our males and females at the time. If you're interested in a rat or two, or just curious as to how amazing these little creatures are. We're located in Southern NJ, (Lacey Township) If you have any questions please feel free to email!  


Happy Spring from Jake.